Genre: Puzzle, Role Playing Game, Turn-Based Combat

Release Date: 2011 

Developer: Capybara Games

Publisher: Ubisoft

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Might & Magic is as old as PC role playing video games. Every old video gamer has toyed with an instalment or a spinoff of the series at some stage in his gaming life. I’ve long lost track of the sequels, prequels and continuity reboot of the Might & Magic saga. Clash of Heroes takes place on the World of Asha. After a sudden and mysterious attack by demons, five children must rise to save the world from Chaos. The five heroes respectively command elves, knights, necromancers, demons and wizards, and will travel the world to unravel the nefarious plot and restore peace.

Playability: As easy or hard as Tetris combos

Might & Magic: Clash of heroes is a turn based combat puzzle game. It reminds me somewhat of Tetris, where you place coloured units (hunters, pixies, bears, druids, unicorns, dragons, archers, ghosts etc) to achieve vertical and horizontal combinations. Once the correct number of troops is stacked, the units spend a few turns charging up before unleashing their attacks. The more powerful the units are, the longer the wait is. One of five child hero can be played. Each has a different set of units, special abilities and equipment. Clash of Heroes allows a surprising variety of moves based on simple combination rules.

Annoyance: You’ve got to learn the rules

Remember when you first started learning chess? It took an old and wily video gamer a little while to make the most of combination plays. There is no avoiding learning the rules of the game. They are simple enough but not always easy to put into action. Clash of Heroes does a good job at teaching the basics, but just the basics. You are quickly left to your own devices to experiment and learn by losing. With the exception of a few bosses, the game is never impossible for the patient and cunning mind. Old video gamers with slow finger reflexes but still functioning neurones will feel right at home.

Beauty: Anime and Manga

The Japanese anime and manga influence of Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is undeniable. Characters move around the map following the pure styles and conventions of Japanese Role Playing Games. Don’t expect big screen CGI cut scenes, but do enjoy this flip through manga with big eyed characters.

The Old Video Gamer’s Prattle: Replayable combination fun 9/10

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is a classic puzzle and Japanese Role Playing Game combo. It is an enjoyable consumable comic book and doesn’t take itself too seriously,. The story and heroes are classic but the gameplay offers variety and gymnastics for thought without ever being too arduous.