We’ve been playing computer and video games a little while now… starting in the early 1980s on a Sinclair ZX81 and Spetrums. Compared to 15-year-olds and Korean gaming pros, we’re definitely old geezers… far from retirement but not nearly fast enough to avoid getting whooped online by youngsters with lightning reflexes…

We like games that are innovative, interesting, fun to play and somewhat relaxed… A good story is important. But we don’t dig head or heart wrenching real world dramas… Blowing up people mindlessly or surviving zombie terror is not our idea of fun (in real life or in gaming life).

Our reviews are very subjective. We sometimes find gems and treasures in games others don’t seem to appreciate. Conversely, we might shrug off games that people are raving about. There are plenty of games for every taste and the hard thing is to find time to play. You don’t want to waste your time in front of a screen while there’s plenty of other fun stuff to do in life.

Going through our blog, you’ll get a feel about games we like and games we don’t like. And maybe, just maybe… you’ll soon realize the types of games that we like and that you may like too!

Reviews are usually written within six months of game publication, using our own hard earned gold. Yes, we play FIFA every year, almost religiously, yes, we play every new installment of Assassin’s Creed or Civilization or Total War too. You’ll find plenty of reviews online for the big titles. We don’t write reviews for all the games we play. We try to focus our reviews on smaller titles that could get an extra boost (hopefully…) or simply another backlink.


Gloomhaven – The Old Video Gamer’s Review

Gloomhaven, a city of dejection where murkiness competes with melancholy. Lead a small party of sellswords with allegiance to gold and adventures. Clean up monster infestations, pillage crypts, loot warehouses, rescue hapless villagers, and draw more deadly cards from your expanding collection.