Genre: Star Wars, Jedi action, third person platformer

Release Date: 2020 

Developer: Respawn Entertainment

Publisher: Electronic Arts​​


You know how it goes… “A long time ago in a galaxy far away”… Except that these days you can download the latest episode of the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda to get your Star Wars fix anytime anywhere, so it wasn’t such a long time ago. Getting confused about Star Wars lore? Was it before Luke in Episode 1, or was it 3? Or after Rogue One?  I’m getting somewhat baffled by the befuddled Jedi timeline. Fallen Order takes place five years after Revenge of the Sith (not really helpful, I know). You play the role of Young Padawan (because they can never be old?) Cal Kestis, rookie-would-be-Jedi in hiding who’s surviving as a scrapyard worker after the “Great Jedi Purge”. Your epic mission is to rebuild the Jedi Order almost single handedly through rash brash platforming action. Let the Old Video Gamer’s Review of Fallen Order begin!

Playability: Run along walls to fall off a cliff

Fallen Order is best summarised as a Star Wars themed 3D platformer. Swing from jungle vines to vines, or electric cable to cable, jump through hoops and rotating turbines, and run along walls. You will fall… a lot. Skid on ice and fall off a mountain. Slip on mud and fall off a grassy mound. Falling to your death gets repetitive in Fallen Order, which curiously bears its name really well! Luckily you get to use the Force to pull, push, touchy feely sense stuff and you get to customise your very own lightsaber (can we please get a funky rainbow light rather than the run of the mill orangy green lasers?).

Annoyance: Repeat the same mazes plenty of times, backtrack through the same areas several times too many

Fallen Order pretends to be big, galaxy size. It’s not. You have to go back and forth between the same handful of planets and locales yet again. I don’t mind the game not being open world. Small world is nice too. But going through labyrinthine villages, bases, caves and tombs just to make the story longer is painfully exasperating. The telling gets really contrived as the narration bends backwards to force you to track back and back track to been- there done-that areas.

Beauty: Epic Star Wars scenery, plain looking characters, super cute robot

The vistas in Fallen Order are gorgeously cinematographic. There are moments of sheer oooh and aaaah as you reach the summit of a mountain. Roaring waterfalls in the distance. Misty treetops. That’s definitely a smashing tick for the Old Video Gamer’s review of Fallen Order. Alas! The John Williams score is ubiquitously absent. No imperial march, no rebel fanfare. Pity! Especially since we’ve been so conditioned to hear Star Wars orchestration from early childhood to old video gaming age! While the heroes and protagonists of Fallen Order are plain looking (is it the rendering? Or the total lack of customisation?), the true star of this big adventure is a little bot named BD-1. What character, what big screen intensity! BD-1 should have been the hero with Cal Kestis as the sidekick!

The Old Video Gamer’s Prattle: Order Jedi to fall whenever he can 6/10

After more than 30 hours revisiting the nooks and cranes and ravines of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for the fabled 100% completion (that none of us at Old Video Gamer’s managed to achieve), I started noting a little powdery residue around the upper edge of the left stick of my trusted controller. All that to form a highly subjective review of Fallen Order! You’ll need to do a lot of sprinting in Fallen Order, and to sprint you’ll need to maintain said left stick pressed down and pushed forward. The friction will result in a fine layer of plastic… And yet you fall! A lot! Fallen Order is a repetitive platformer, pure Star Wars exploitation of course. We like Star Wars and playing with the Force and lightsabers is always nice, that is if you don’t mind copious amounts of backtracking and repetitive jumping and swinging . May the Force be with you.

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