Genre: management simulation, tycoon, video game publishing

Release Date: 2015 

Developer / Publisher: Endless Loop Studios

Game Corp DX website


Game Corp DX is based on the popular flash game of the same name. Start with a few thousand dollars and a couple of employees to produce a game that will sell at a profit. Gradually purchase better equipment (including better food for the fridge), hire more talented geeks, and expand office space to win the much coveted gaming critique awards.

Playability: Hire, train and produce

Game Corp DX has a terse tutorial that barely scratches the mechanics of an overly simplified management simulation. At first, it is not clear how the games that your company produces will be reviewed by the likes of Kotakoo, TotalCrumpet or BoulderPaperShotgun. At last, when you finally realise that assigning better trained employees will result in better reviews, it is still not clear how sales and profits are computed. Fortunately, the gameplay remains intuitive throughout, as there is only a difference in scale between micro games (two team members) and large games (twenty team members).

Annoyance: Moving furniture around the office

Office rearrangement consists of moving workstations, tables, training cubicles, coolers, fridges, plants and statues across a chequered board (your office). This is as cumbersome as in real life since employees have the untoward tendency of jamming into each other, creating dead ends and path blocks. Graduating to larger offices simply means access to a larger number of squares and a few extra pieces of furniture, the “personal enhancement device”, a brainwashing contraption being my favourite.

Beauty: Russian Tamagotchi

The employees of Game Corp DX look like Russian dolls and amble around merrily, sleeping most of the time, typing furiously at their workstations often, and eating and drinking frequently. A variety of randomised hats, shirts and faces make the little crowd an endearing bunch, reminiscent of Tamagotchi of lore.

The Old Video Gamer’s Prattle: Peaceful and sleepy 6/10

Game Corp DX is a peaceful, yet sleepy management simulation. The game is easy to get into, and the strings of the soundtrack strum along merrily as your faithful employees move back and forth between the water cooler, the fridge and their keyboards. While the light hearted writing and cute character animations may elicit smiles, the repetitive mechanics of Game Corp DX will not make a career in video game design very enticing.

Categories: BrainStrategy