Genre: Cards, adventure, strategy, card trading

Release Date: 2014 

Developer / Publisher: Ludosity

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Come on everybody, let’s play cards! Get your booster packs ready and start collecting legendary and other rarer cards! Card City Nights takes place on a sleek city island where everybody from rude skaters to corporate tycoons seems obsessed with playing and collecting cards. A million gold coins await the winner of the ultimate card competition organised by the mysterious Card King. But first, you’ll have to improve your skills and your decks as you hunt the eight legendary cards.

Playability: Easy going hand

Card City Nights is a mixture of a puzzle and a card game. Cards are divided into three categories: attack, defence and revive. The objective is to bring your opponent’s defence points to zero. You also lose the game if you are unable to place any card on the board. Attack, defence and special effects such as rotation are activated by forming geometrical combinations using arrows printed on the edges of each card. The tutorial takes barely a few minutes to make you ingest the mechanics of the game. These simple rules combine with a large variety of cards to make Card City Nights surprisingly amusing.

Annoyance: Stacked decks

With the exception of the final cheating big boss encounter, there is very little annoyance in playing Card City Nights. The colourful characters scattered across the city have appropriate repartee, goading you enough to accept the cool challenge of a card game. The turnip intern or the miner’s wife have their own style of play, but a bit of deck tuning will eventually overcome most adversaries. Once you’ve completed the campaign mode, you’re left to your own devices: Card City Nights does not include any on or offline multiplayer mode.

Beauty:Swedish electro jazz

Card City Nights is populated by zany personalities, but somehow it all makes sense. Who would say no to a quick game of cards? Don’t expect explosions or voiceover acting of the perky dialogues. There is little animation and the adventure unfolds in cartoon strips. Card City Nights is more of a casual magazine read than a thick novel, but the cartoon deco are supported by classic Swedish electro pop and jazz. This makes collecting rare cards in ever more irrational encounters a cool rhythmic shuffle.

The Old Video Gamer’s Prattle: Worriless card fun 7/10

Card City Nights is a worry free night hanging out around town. The lack of violence and testosterone aggression allows for a puzzle casual game of cards. For those who like Scandinavian home comfort and post ABBA electro jazz, settling down differences through a card game will be reassuringly tempting. The game lacks an online multiplayer mode, but a cute storyline and a deep variety of cards provide a strong solo player experience.

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